BookNet Canada Provides Studies of Well-Known Genres

BookNet has issued an annual where the major tendencies in the book industry were mentioned. The mission of that report is to inform average readers, writers, and publishers about the latest news in the market.

The Things You Should Know

BookNet, a non-profit company that establishes technology, norms, and education to address the Canadian book industry, has introduced four “Deep Dive” studies. Each of them aims to explore the demographics for book buyers of various genres. The reports address biographies/autobiographies, detective fiction, and science fiction, as well as the latest cookbooks. Thanks to infographic, each report is accompanied with an executive summary.

The cookbook report, involving almost 100 different buyers and 100 book purchases, stated that most people who purchase cookbooks are between the ages of 19-29 or between the ages of 55-64. Interestingly, most purchases were made in an online format, while the options of hardcovers outperformed paperbacks have a lower percentage. At the same time, the remainder consists of e-book (12%) and audiobook (2%) market sales.

Generally, the reports reveal the insights into existing trends in Canada. Paperbacks, for instance, while not supported by cookbook buyers, are supported by a relative majority of biography/autobiography readers. The format is also supported, by a great margin, among readers of detective fiction and libros eróticos.

When it comes to the age of book buyers, the report on detective fiction indicates the largest sampling of 425 customers who made 1,300 purchases. Consequently, about 68% of purchases were made by people in the age of 55 and older.

Erotic Fiction readers were spread less evenly, with the overwhelming domination of the older people. 55% were covered by the readers in their 30s and 40s, while 45% is taken by those who are over 50.

When it comes to biography and autobiography, most purchases were covered by those in the 30-44 age gaps. This is the only group of readers that is striving to pay more for books. According to BookNet’s research on biography/autobiography buyers, non-fiction buyers happen to be more eager to pay full price compared to fiction buyers. BookNet is going to introduce new reports, with the initial value of$25 each. This initiative tends to be taken on an annual basis in the future perspectives.

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