As of January of 2012, I am no longer working directly with clients, though I am continuing to provide consultation, teach Continuing Education classes, and lead workshops/trainings. Since I began my practice in 2001, I have been asked to do increasing numbers of trainings, as well as to consult with other therapists. In addition, I’ve been asked to write several book chapters and have been solicited to provide professional articles related to trans issues. My family also experienced a medical diagnosis that requires more of my attention at home than was previously the case. I have found my energy too divided to be able to do it all. Fortunately, Portland is blessed to have a number of therapists who have worked with trans clients. I have met all these folks, and wholeheartedly recommend any of them to my trans clients:

Meg Jeske, LPC,, 503-985-6344 (also good with kink issues)

Michele Pearce, LCSW,, 503-290-8255

Charlotte Redway, LCSW,, 503-888-3238 (good with adolescents and children)

Colin Wolf, MA,, 503-389-0398

Jennifer Samsom, MA,,, (503) 341-6393

Heather Stein, PsyD, (Heather’s website says she isn’t taking new clients, but she makes exceptions for trans clients/family members) 

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