What should be the engagement rings and how to choose the most suitable option? So, you are on the verge of a grand event - you are going to make an proposal to your girlfriend. As a rule, while the groom must necessarily present the engagement ring to the beloved. What should it be? What you need to pay attention to when choosing it? The history of giving an engagement ring is very old. According to the established stereotypes, it must be made of gold and decorated with a diamond. This tradition originated in the 15th century.

People believed that diamonds have a magical effect and are able to cause a reciprocal love in the chosen one. However, today, there are many other variants of engagement rings, which you can check at and choose the most beautiful one.

Before choosing an engagement ring, make sure you know everything about the criteria for choosing a ring and things you need to pay attention to.

How to Choose the Ring Material?

The engagement ring can be made from different types of gold - red, white or pink. In the manufacture of engagement rings and other metals are used: platinum; silver; steel; titanium; tungsten. The most popular among them is platinum, which is distinguished by its hardness, durability and has a beautiful silver shade. However, diamonds in such a frame do not look good, especially if the stone is large. The following two options are cheaper materials. Moreover, silver can quickly fade or turn black, so it requires special care. Titanium and tungsten are suitable for lovers of the exotic and valued for increased strength and durability.

Are Precious Stones a Must-Have Feature for an Engagement Ring?

Of course, in the first place in popularity among the engagement rings are products made of diamonds. They are considered a symbol of strong and eternal love. Sometimes, in the budget models, cubic zirconia or zirconium are used. Transparent stones are considered the most valuable, but now other options are possible. Therefore, it is not recommended to purchase for engagement products with such ornaments: pearls, which symbolize tears; ruby, which is associated with blood; by opal, which means unhappiness; a diamond crumb symbolizing broken love.

An engagement ring can be decorated with any stone that meets the preferences of the bride. It is desirable to take into account that each gem has its own meaning and energy. The size and number of stones. Most often, the engagement ring is decorated with one stone. It does not have to be very large. On the contrary, this ring is not very suitable for everyday wear. If you want to check more tips, look at them here.

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