Have your friends recommended you to play Dota 2? It is not surprising because this is one of the most popular games that is played by millions of smart gamers and not only for entertainment. Experienced Dota players earn on their hobby by placing bets at and get a lot of unforgettable emotions from this. Want to try? First, follow the tips for becoming a good Dota player!

Simple Tips for Those Who Want to Join Dota 2

Follow the tips for beginners in Dota and you will be able to become one of the best players showing great results.

  • Be focused when playing: Try not to play drowsy or in a situation where you are constantly distracted. This prevents you from following many aspects of the game. A good player always follows a minimap, an opponent's manapool, his artifacts, roughly calculates the cooldown of abilities. In addition, you can easily not notice how an ally has approached and the gang will be defeated.

    If you feel yourself sluggish, try to drink coffee or eat a chocolate bar. Energy from them will give concentration and you will be more attentive. Remember that Dota 2 solves every little thing. They together can affect the huge advantage of the opponent in the late game, which will be extremely difficult to win.

  • Collect initial artifacts. After playing on a low rating, many players notice how others like to save money for expensive artifacts. Do not yell the Dagon or aganim to the fifth minute. This does not make sense! Buy sticks, aquillas, drums and similar intermediate artifacts. Given that heroes are now valued, who can fight from the early stages, such items will greatly enhance your effectiveness.
  • Always carry a teleporter. It does not matter if you play on kerry or support, in the middle or on the forester. Teleport is an obligatory item in the inventory. It will help you to escape in a difficult situation or make a save to an ally.
  • Increase the skill in any way possible. You, for certain, have heard such phrase for many times: "Review demos". And these are not empty words. Keep an eye on your game from the side – it is always useful. This is how you will see constant mistakes, you will see the moments in general, and in your head this or that situation will be postponed. Analyzing the Dota game is a must.

If you looked at the replay, then your skill will not be higher. You must analyze this or that moment. Think what would have happened if you had gone not to point A, but to point B. Learn to think in such a way and success is guaranteed!

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