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Demystifying gender and trans issues

Since 1996, I have been providing educational and consultation services on various topics related to trans issues, transition in the workplace, and gender identity in general. Most of my presentations have been 1-2 hours, though some have lasted longer, for groups ranging from 25 to 300. My fees for this service are negotiable, as the organizations in question vary widely in their ability to pay. Some of the responses I've received:

"I was first exposed to Reid in a Human Sexuality and Transitions class I taught at Portland State (University) in 2001. Since that time, I have come to have such a deep and abiding respect and admiration for him as a person and for the thoroughgoing competence of his professional work. The most evident part of him and his approach is the utter purity and clarity of his personal experience. He is so profoundly real that all my students mention him as one of the highlights of the course. Anything Reid does is worth coming to and learning from, and learn you definitely will!" - Donald Mihaloew, Ed.D., LMFT, CFLE
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"We're a pretty open-minded bunch, so I think we were surprised at how much we learned when Reid visited us. Some of us knew a little about trans people, and others knew practically nothing. But even the ones who came to the class knowing a fair amount about trans people came away saying, 'I had no idea...' Some participants who are already active in the gay and lesbian community especially mentioned that they liked learning more about the differences between sexual orientation and gender identity. People often think in terms of gender stereotypes that aren't accurate (gay men are effeminate, lesbians are masculine, etc.). Reid really opened our eyes and educated us." - Mary Clark, Member, Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Washington County
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"Reid has been giving presentations in my Marriage and Family Intimacy classes since 2002, and I find I learn something new every term. The topic of transgender is typically an area that people are not only unfamiliar with, but a subject that some view as abnormal or threatening. Reid's presentation style is engaging and audience-driven making each presentation unique, easy accessible, and a safe place for people to question their assumptions. My students frequently mention Reid's presentation in their final paper as one of the most enlightening and thought-provoking educational experiences they've had at Portland State (University). Furthermore, some students have been able to use the information to help others in their lives that have struggled with issues of gender identity and self-acceptance. I highly recommend Reid's presentations to anyone who wants to learn more about trans issues." - Lisa Deneen, Instructor, Portland State University, Dept. of Sociology
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"Portland PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) has been privileged to have Reid address one of our monthly meetings every year since 2002. Providing support and advocacy for our transsexual sons, daughters and friends is part of our mission statement. Many of us have found ourselves wanting to give just those kinds of love, but with no knowledge or understanding of transsexuality, we have felt very awkward at the very times we have needed to be our most loving. Reid has a fantastic knowledge and understanding of the dynamics in and around transsexuality, and his ability to put us all at ease with his comfortable style of presentation has opened us up to truly hear the vast amounts of information he imparts to us. I have heard many parents and other members of our group bring his name up with a sigh of great relief at different functions, and know his name gets handed out a lot on our hotline. There is no doubt that Reid will be a "regular" on the Portland PFLAG calendar for years to come. He is a great gift to Portland's sexual minorities community; we are truly blessed by his very active presence!" - Susie Shepherd, Secretary (2005), Portland PFLAG
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"What a joy it has been to have you speak in my classes these past few years! Of the hundreds of Clark students you have spoken with, they have all been fascinated with you and your story. Your calm presence immediately puts them at ease, ensuring that they feel comfortable asking questions - even difficult ones. It is especially grand that you don't come to lecture but to have a conversation based upon students' questions and interests. Even better, you are able to explain gender issues at their level of understanding. At the end of the term, they often remark that you were the speaker who made the greatest impression on them. Perhaps most important, you are successful in getting students to begin to stop making quite so many assumptions about gender as they had previously. How fortunate for Clark College students that you are a guest speaker in my classes! Thank you for sharing your life and your expertise with us." - Dian Ulner, Chair, Women's Studies, Clark College, Vancouver, Washington

If you would like to discuss my coming to speak for your class, organization or business, send me an e-mail or give me a call.
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