Consultation Services

Consultation and Educational Workshops

Reid is an experienced consultant, working in a variety of settings to facilitate a transition or proactively address issues pertinent to workplace transitions. Below are some of the workshops Reid has created, all of which can be tailored to address the unique circumstances of any particular situation:

− How Young is Too Young? - childhood social transitions; adolescent hormonal interventions; working with families of trans/gender-dissonant/gender-non-conforming children

− Workplace Transitions – helping co-workers adjust; what does ‘ally’ mean in a workplace context; what about bathrooms?; developing proactive policies

− Relationships in Transition – partner issues, broken down by permutation of relationship (“male”/female; “male”/male; “female”/male; “female”/female); what about the kids; factors that help relationships survive transition

− Post-Transition Issues – invisibility; resocialization; shifting sexual orientation; post-transition relationships

− Developmental Model of Transition – presentation of a theoretical model of transition, specifically designed to help therapists be a useful guide to those who choose a physical transition

− The Therapist’s Role in Transition – models of gender identity; the Standards of Care; referral letters for hormones/surgery; partner/family issues; ‘red flag’ issues; addiction and transition

In addition to workshops, Reid is available for professional consultation with other therapists. Here are comments from some of the therapists Reid has worked with:

“I became acquainted with Reid’s work through a class on transgender issues he taught at Portland State University. I was impressed at the time with his candor, ability to communicate, and extensive knowledge of all aspects of the transgender experience. It was clear to me that he was a valuable regional resource, so when I had questions about a client in my practice, I travelled to Portland to consult with him. He was able to help me identify the general therapeutic principles of working with my client, as well as search out the relevant specifics of the case. He also helped me locate resources for myself and my client. After our time together, I knew exactly what I wanted to bring into the next session with my client. Equally as important was the fact that I felt encouraged and validated as a therapist working with transgender clients. He was not competitive or arrogant, as some consultants can be, but honored the existing therapeutic alliance I had with my client, and encouraged me to work more in-depth in areas I had previously been hesitant to initiate. He gave me courage to be the best therapist I can be. Reid has a valuable model he developed, in thinking about work with transgender clients. I believe the worst thing we can do is impose silence on the questions or hurts of our clients because we are uncomfortable going there with them. Reid was the resource that helped me bridge my knowledge and comfort gaps, so I could be there for my clients in the way I wanted.”

- Debora Landforce, M.S. – Couselor in Private Practice, Corvallis, Oregon

“In my practice I see few trans people (or at least people who are known to be trans to me), so it can be perplexing when gender becomes an issue “out of the depths” of psychotherapy. Mr. Vanderburgh has consistently (and gently) guided my thinking about gender identity and has done so in a way that supports the therapy I already provide. No question has been too basic to ask, nor too complex to consider. My consultations with Reid have been rich with knowledge, wise counsel, inspiring, thought provoking, and helpful.”

– Steven (Bo) O’Dell, LCSW, BCD, Portland, Oregon

“I had known of Reid by reputation for a while when we first met at a conference. I was immediately impressed by Reid’s knowledge,
experience, professionalism, and depth of empathy and caring for the needs of the clients. As a consultant for a number of my clients, Reid has also been attentive to my growth as a counselor to transgender clients, ensuring that I, too, develop the knowledge and experience I need to be an effective counselor. I’m looking forward to many more consultations, and I cannot think of anyone whom I would recommend more strongly.”

- Jordan J. Shin, MS, NCC, Eugene, OR