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I have written a great deal over the years, about various aspects of transition. Following are some of the more popular short articles I've written, as well as my autobiography (part one, reflecting the female half of my life. I won't be writing part two for a good many years to come, I hope!). If you would like to use any of these articles (in teaching a class, for instance), feel free to print out copies or direct students to my site. Note: To use the "printer-friendly" option, you will need to have Adobe Reader loaded on your computer. This useful program can be downloaded free from the internet: Adobe Reader.

Table of Contents The table of contents for my newly-released book, Transition and Beyond: Observations on Gender Identity. The book is now available from the publisher: Q Press, of Portland, Oregon. While you may also order the book from or through your local bookstore, I get the maximum royalty if you order directly from the publisher, or buy your copy from me.

Read what Kate Bornstein, James Green, Helen Boyd, and Arlene Istar Lev have to say about Transition and Beyond."


I began publishing a newsletter in January of 2002, and with the August, 2006 issue, have switched to a primarily web-based format. Each e-mail newsletter has the option of printing out a paper version, as a .PDF. If you can't print out .PDFs,e-mail me your address and I will send you a snail-mail version.
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Various Articles

About Holistic Psychotherapy Brief article about transpersonal psychology, and my philosophy of therapy in general.
But Isn't It Just Cosmetic Surgery? An answer to those who ask the above question when considering trans surgeries.
Choosing a Therapist What to look for in a therapist, when the issue under consideration is transition.
Dual Citizenship My experience with moving between genders, now that I'm post-transition.
For Partners Only I wrote this specifically to address the issues transition brings up for partners and spouses.
How Young is Too Young? A discussion of adolescent transition.
In Harmony An article about transitioning within a chorus.
In the Best Interest of the Children My thoughts on disclosing a parental transition to children.
Inspirational Writings These poems and quotes have been meaningful to me over the years.
The Intersection of Sexuality and Gender Identity Sexual orientation and gender identity are not synonymous, but they do influence each other. This article is a brief exploration of that point of intersection.
Living la Vida Media Autobiographical article about how transition has impacted my life.
Loss and Grief Transition inevitably involves loss as well as the joy of finally becoming one's true self.
My Life as a Box A rant (as "rant" as I ever get!) about being forced to choose "M" or "F". I never resonated with "F" but it should still be my choice to choose "M" and not someone else's determination.
The Paradox of Feminism A brief exploration of how feminism has expanded the female gender role, paradoxically making it more difficult for MTFs to learn the rules and norms of their new gender role.
Post-Transition Therapy The need for therapy doesn't end with the final cut of the scalpel or the ability to be seen as one's intended gender. That's just the beginning of a new stage, the rest of one's life.
A Therapist's Manifesto My philosophy of the therapist's role in transition.
Thoughts on the Standards of Care A critique of the current Harry Benjamin Standards of Care and the less-well-known Health Law Standards.
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Chapter 1 Childhood
Chapter 2 Adolescence
Chapter 3 Early Lesbian Days
Chapter 4 20-Something
Chapter 5 Something's Not Right!
Chapter 6 30-Something
Chapter 7 The Relationship
Chapter 8 Revelations
Chapter 9 The Crash
Chapter 10 Baby Steps
Chapter 11 The Real-Life Test
Chapter 12 A New Love
Chapter 13 Back to School
Chapter 14 The Countdown Begins
Chapter 15 Transition is a Process
Chapter 16 My California Sojourn

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