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Table of Contents

Some of the chapter titles will look familiar, as they match the titles of short articles available on this website. However, in my book, I have expanded most of these articles considerably, including client anecdotes and general observations.

Part One: Therapist, Prepare Thyself!
Chapter 1: A Therapist's Manifesto
Chapter 2: The Therapist's Own Work
Chapter 3: Models of Gender Identity

Part Two: Transition - A Process of Transformation and Resocialization
Chapter 4: Effects of Hormones
Chapter 5: Available Surgeries
Chapter 6: Thoughts on the Standards of Care
Chapter 7: Early-Transition Therapy
Chapter 8: Who is my Tribe?
Chapter 9: Why IS Transition so Hard?
Chapter 10: The Ramifications of Disclosure
Chapter 11: Renegotiating Boundaries
Chapter 12: Parallel Processes - Addiction Recovery and Transition
Chapter 13: When Worlds Collide - Fundamentalist Religion and Transition

Part Three: Relational and Family Issues
Chapter 14: For Partners Only
Chapter 15: The Intersection of Sexuality and Gender Identity
Chapter 16: The Spectrum of Support
Chapter 17: How Young is Too Young?
Chapter 18: In the Best Interest of the Children
Chapter 19: Answers for a Skeptic

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